Who is AudioClinic

AudioClinic is part of a global hearing healthcare group that has been restoring the joys of hearing for over 100 years. We are one of Australia’s leading providers of hearing services with a growing network of clinics across the country.

Our clinicians are qualified, highly trained and government accredited to provide services as part of the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

We pride ourselves on tailoring hearing solutions based on individual needs to deliver the best possible hearing health, rehabilitation and clinical outcomes.

At AudioClinic

We believe the restoration of good hearing will change lives and work tirelessly to add value to the lives of the hearing impaired and their families’ every day. Seeing the joy when people reconnect to the sounds they love we want all our clients to hear in full colour, and we invite you to join us in achieving this goal.

Founded in 1924

200 Clinics

Over 200 Staff